What Cookies are

Cookies are little text files that are downloaded on the user device upon website navigation. At every successive visit, cookies are recognized by the same website that generated them (first-part cookies) or by another website that recognizes them (third-part cookies). Cookies are useful because allow a website to recognize a user. They have multiple usages, for example allowing to easily navigte among webpages, remember the preferred websites and, in general, improve the user experience on a website.

Technical Cookies

Tapoi is a product of U-hopper Srl.

Technical cookies are the ones that can be used without the consent of the user (by the art. 122 comma 1 del D.Lgs. 196/2003). Among technical cookies, we point out the essential cookies also known as “strictly necessary”, that enable functionalities that are needed for the correct functioning of the website. These cookies are used exclusively by U-hopper Srl and are therefore first-part cookies. Cookies are stored locally on the user machine only during the browser session. Those cookies helps in switching from http to https when changing page, in order to ensure the security of the transmitted data. Essential cookies can not be disabled while using the functionalities of this website. Also the cookies used for statistically analyzing the accesses and visits to the websites are considered as technical cookies and they serve only statistical metrics (they are not used for proliferation or marketing purposes). They collect aggregated information that can not be linked to a single user. Those cookies can be disabled and/or deleted in the settings of the browser.

This website only uses technical cookies. No cookies for profilation are used.